When the day comes by Gabrielle Meyer

This is one of the best books I read this year. It’s unique and beautiful. Libby lives in 1774 and 1914 and she is 20 years old. She wakes up in a different year each day. At her 21rst birthday she will choose her own path, either stay in 1915 or 1775.

She is a wealthy heiress in the 20th century and a printer with her mother in the 18th century. She lives during great historical events: The American Revolutionary War and First World War.

Libby is a courageous woman fighting for what she believes and who wants to be a part of a change in the world. But She would have to learn to let God direct her path and not try by herself to change some situations. God is Sovereign no matter what she goes through. The ended was a beautiful surprise.

Excellent book!

“Please Libby, do not let anything turn your heart to stone. Do not let anger or bitterness take root in you”.

“Instead, use what you’ve learned from me and from this life to do good and further God’s kingdom in the time you occupy.

I received a copy of this book and this an honest review.


Look at the fear inside subside
Let the wind swipe all the dust away
All the dirt accumulated
All these years

Turn your eyes
Toward the field
All those abilities
You buried deep inside
Are in front of you

Make a step toward your destiny
Do not look back
The field of possibilities is large
But you will never get lost in it
Because you will learn and grow
The seed inside will bloom

When the Meadow blooms by Ann H. Gabhart

Sienna and Calla find shelter at their uncle’s farm with their mother. After two years in a sanatorium because of tuberculosis Rose Meadows is reunited with her daughters. Her husband died years ago and she was not very closed from his familly but Dirk Meadows is the only person who could help them. Dirk is a man with his secrets, reminiscing his past especially a failed relationship before the incident…

It’s a beautiful story, the way God orchestrated the reunion with Dirk was touching. I liked Calla’s confidence in God. Dirk is a broken man running away from God and afraid to open his heart to love. But gently God help him to realized how he needed to leave the past behind him, let go of his guilt to enjoy his new family.
It’s a story of healing and restoration and very well written. It’s my first book from this author but I will check out her other books.

“When we love, when we care, we can be hurt, but trust me, Calla, giving and receiving love is worth more than whatever hurt might come”.

I received a copy of this book and this is an honest review.


I am the Great I am
The Holy-Spirit whispering to your ears
Words of comfort
I am the One and Only
I sent my son to give you life
To draw a smile on your face
To bring freedom to your heart

Shake the dust off your feet
Put on your sandals
Take my hand
And walk with me

Let me bring you joy
To restore the years the locusts have eaten
There is a seed in you and it’s growing
Soon you’ll harvest in abundance
The new wine will overflow
Your barrels will be full

Child you will see the eyes of your King
The kindness He has in store for you
Trust in the Lord with all your heart
Do not lean on your own understanding

Cling to the truth
He will never forsake you

Fill my cup

Fill this heart
Fill this cup
With your living water

Let all the dry places of my heart
Be drenched with water

Breathe your life in me
Speak your truth

Cleanse me
Purify me
Remove all the negativity

Open my eyes to see my worth

This narrow road
You walked in it before me
To give me life Jesus
Thank you

Give me the courage to do the same
I give you my life Lord

Out of the dark by Mandisa

Mandisa speaks about her journey from American Idol to becoming a recording artist and the death of her best friend leading her to depression.

In her book we can see God’s hands over her life guiding her to right school Fisk university in Tennessee, through her job she will later meet Travis Cottrel and Beth Moore who would have an impact in her life.

We see her vulnerability and honesty in sharing one of the most difficult moments of her life, but God was there, and she had true friends who cared about her. It reminds you the importance of friendship and to pray God to place people in your life who will support you in every situation.

I really like how she pour out her heart in the book and share the story behind some songs.

This is a great testimony of how God can bring light in someone life through hard times and how He pour out his grace on our lives helping us to pursue our goals focus on Him.

The pain won’t last forever. You are going to have a story that will pull someone else out of the pit you’re currently in.”

I received a copy of this book and this is an honest review.

The Lady’s Mine by Francine Rivers

Kathryn walsh is forced to leave her mother and father in law because of her
behaviour. She leaves for Calvada where she received an inheritance from her uncle City Walsh. Calvada is a mining town in Sierra Nevada and is very different from Boston. She meets Matthias Beck owner of a saloon but Matthias
is also a man who wants to change the town by becoming mayor. Matthias is
attracted by City’s niece Kathryn and tries is best to win the heart of a Lady
opposed to marriage.

Kathryn is a strong willed woman, who fight for women’s suffrage and decide to revive her uncle newspaper called: Voice. She also received a mine as a part of
her inheritance and she is going to find out a family secret her uncle kept for years.

It’s the first time I read a book by Francine Rivers. I like her writing style
the story is beautiful,full of twist and turns and some fun moment between Matthias and Kathryn. I like an aspect of Kathryn faith in the book she didn’t give up on God despite what she went through or the pastor opposition to the things she said in her newspaper. Contrary to her Matthias had given up on God because of negative words his father has said about him. Kathryn’s devtotion to God helped Matthias realize how much he should fix his eyes on God and not on what people said. The most important is what God said about us.

“Don’t believe everything you think. We lie more to ourselves than anyone else.”

I received a copy of this book and this is an honest review.

Child of God

Like a child
Running wild
In the rain
Unaware of the world beside
Let me run the race
By your side
And fall into your arms

Each one of my tears
You dry by your hands
Your gentle touch warm my heart
Like a child
I rest in your embrace
Fully loved

Thank you God for being your child
My heart cry Allelujah
You make me worthy
To stand in your presence
My heart cry Allelujah

The sparkle of love by Amanda Cabot

This is the last book of the Serie Mesquite Spring. I read the second one Dreams rekindled last year and enjoy it.

The spark of Love is about Alexandra a young heiress fleeing from a suitor who is only interested in her inheritance. She leaves New-York for Mesquite Spring, Texas to be with her father who is building a hotel. She meets Gabe seymour on the train but she doesn’t know that he has been hired to find her father…

She tries to help her father, she doesn’t really understand the real motivation behind her father’s new endeavour but she want to be useful and closed to him. Gabe and Alexandra spent a lot of time together with the new friends they made on their arrival and they love blossom little by little throughout the story.

I liked Alexandra’s character, her determination and her willingness to get involved in the school and life in Mesquite Spring. I have already read two books from Amanda Cabot and I like her style and this is a book I’ll recommend.

I received a copy of this book and this is an honest review.
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