For the love of Beauty

  • Dream

    18 November 2019 by

    You are looking at meYour eyes filled with loveWrapped me entirely I don’t want to open my eyesYou have captured my heart You comfort meYour words a balmTo my dry bonesMaking me whole I don’t want to leave youYou have started a fire within me You are holding my handsYou are leading me closer to… Read more

  • Future Hope

    13 November 2019 by

    I look up to the sky Where my hopes lies In the hand of the Most High I put my trust in Him And I watch him untangle every situation I am in For every mistake He uses to teach me The path He wants me to take becomes clear When I cling to him… Read more

  • The Beantown girls by Jane Healey

    8 November 2019 by

    I have just finished “The Beantown girl” by Jane Healy. I really enjoyed this book, beautifully written. It’s about three young girls Viv, Dottie, Fiona from Boston who applied to be a part of the Red Cross Clubmobile in Europe during World war II. Fiona’s Fiancé, Danny is missing during the war so she decide… Read more

  • Live fully

    6 November 2019 by

    You were born with a purposeYou were born to make an impact in this worldYou were born to live fully You were born to createThere is an environment Where you can show your full potentialThe seed inside of you is waiting to growOne day you will blossom You were born to live fullyEach day bringing… Read more

  • Wisdom

    1 November 2019 by

    You are like a little voice You whisper in my ears You speak in the silence of my heart You reveal me hidden things You are like the wind You blow and your power remove all the lies I keep inside You blow and you leave me speechless When you reveal me who I really… Read more

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