The scarlet pen by Jennifer Uhlarick


This is the first book of the serie True Colors that I read, a series of Historical Stories of Romance and True American Crime.
Emma Draycott is engaged to Stephen Dee Richards. Her Father doesn’t really approve Emma’s choice but she is so in loved with Stephen
that he finally consent but at one condition, they have to wait about one year and Stephen must have a good situation…

When a Service Secret Agent Clay Timmons arrives in their town investigating on fake currency everything lead him to Stephen.
Stephen is hiding who he really is: a manipulator and a murderer.

Emma is a strong woman very determined. She was so blinded by her love for Stephen that she can not believe him capable of hurting people.
It shows us how important it is sometimes to take a step back to pray and examine the relationship and the character of your future partner.

Clay on the other hand is a man according to God’s heart, loving the word of God and I really like this passage that he quotes: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.” It is so important to see things from God’s perspectives and rely on him because things can not always be what they seem.

I really, but really like this book it shows you the importance of wisdom and it’s also about love, forgiveness and redemption.

I received a copy of this book and this is an honest review.

Dreams rekindled by Amanda Cabot

Dorothy’s biggest dream is to be a writer and she has a heart to help others but she doesn’t want to marry. When Brandon arrives in Mesquite springs to start a newspaper, Dorothy has the opportunity to writes for “the Chronicle” she thrives on it and Brandon realized her talent.

However Phil who also recently moved to Mesquite springs is trying to sow discord among the townspeople and Brandon and Dorothy will have to fight to restore the truth.

I like Dorothy’s character especially her kindness and her passion for writing.

This book is a part of a serie. I have not read the first one but this one is very interesting, the story is well-written and captivating.

I received a copy of this book and this is an honest review.

Leah:Unnoticed.Unwanted.Unloved by Amanda Bedzrah

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I like biblical fiction. I had never read one about Leah, Jacob’s wife, Laban’s daughter and Rachel’s sister.

Jacob was in love with Rachel but Laban deceived Jacob and gave him Leah instead of Rachel and he realised it only after the wedding because of the veil she was wearing. Jacob was angry for he had served Laban for seven ago in order to marry his youngest daughter.

In the bible Leah is described as a woman with weak eyes but Rachel is very beautiful.

In her book the author portrays Leah as an humble woman, loving God, willing to serve her husband even if he doesn’t really care about her. Leah had to learn to surrender all her desire for her husband to God. God saw her pain, he saw that she was unloved, unnoticed and gave her several sons and a daughter. God cared about her.

I really liked this book, it gave me another perspective regarding Leah and Rachel story.

This is a book I highly recommend.

“Leah began to realise that life with God was a journey – a daily walk of trust and faith. She needed to turn to Him every day.”

“The message in Leah’s story is one that inspires and encourages me. It is amazing to see how God can use a woman who was unwanted and unloved to change history.” Author’s note

A dance in Donegal by Jennifer Deibel


This is the first book of Jennifer Deibel and we embark in a journey to Ireland. Moira Doherty a young teacher fulfill her mother’s wishes and leave her comfortable life in Boston for the Emerald Island. It’s the beginning of a new life with new challenges in a new country. Her mother passed away and she made severals dreams where she saw her mother pleading for her to go to Ireland. She is going to learn more about herself and her mother’s past.

This is an interesting story filled with description of Ireland and Irish Gaelic expressions.

I received a copy of this book by Revell and this is an honest review.

The Moonlight School by Suzanne Woods Fisher


“This is the time to discover just how brave you are”

The Moonlight school is inspired by the true story of Cora Wilson first female superintentant of School in Rowan County Kentucky.

Cora Wilson fought against illiteracy and come up with a new concept: evening school for adult people who could not read or write.
Illiteracy was a common thing at that time and it was also an hindrance to progress. The lack of knowledge made the Mountains People vulnerable to Valley view Lumber company who took advantage of them.

It’s in this context that Lucy Wilson haunted by her past arrives in Rowan county to help her aunt. There she will find a purpose and become a confident woman.

This is a wonderful story in which you can see how someone can have a true impact in this world. It is very inspiring, the world needs more people like Cora Wilson.
It shows the importance of justice and equality.
I also realized what a privilege it is to be educated.

Every sunrise and sunset is a word from the All Mighty, a reminder that he is with us…”

I received a copy of this book and this is an honest review.



This word has been in my heart for a few years now. I really want to see things come to life and grow. I believe that every one has a purpose, sometimes it can be hard to know who you really are. I realised in my life that one of the mistake that I have made was to see me through others eyes instead of God eyes.
When you realise that God love you and accept you as you are you understand that you matter, you have a purpose, you have a voice, you can heal, you can bloom.

I want to believe that every promised is not empty of power God,
I want to see that your word can truly transform me God,
I want to see your eyes full of kindness turn to me and heal every wound.

God I can not bear this silence from You,
Help me to see your hand in my life

I know you are calling me for more

Allow me to bloom
Allow me to heal
Allow me to hear your voice
To find out the truth
And be free

The Duke meets his macth by Karen Tuft

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The Duke meets his match his an historical novel taking place at the end
of the war with Napoleon Bonaparte.
Georges Kendall, the Duke of Aylesham is involved in differents apects of
the war financially and now they are about to signed the treaties between France
and England. The Prince Regent learnt about the endeavors of Aylesham and
want to reward him, but he implies marrying a german princess he doesn’t love…

Susan is the daughter of a viscount and arrives in London for the season, she meets
Aylesham for the second time, they can not bear each other… But Susan is the one
who is able to help Aylesham in his predicament with the Prince Regent and the Germans…

Aylesham seemed to be a proud man especially at the beginning but he is also a man with a sense of duty and honor.
Susan is down to earth and brave she has almost given up hope to marry and Aylesham is not her first choice. But the more these two spent time together, the more they start to appreciate one another and love start to bloom.

This was an interesting story, I enjoy reading it.

I receive a copy of this book and this is an honest review.

The Bethany tales by Brian E. Canter

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“the deepest wounds can be inflicted in a moment, but true healing always takes time.”

The Bethany Tale is a biblical fiction based on the story of Mary, Martha,
Lazarus and Simon living in a village called Bethany.
There lives are transformed when they meet Jesus. He brings healing, restoration and forgiveness.
Their beliefs are challenged, a lot of questions are raised until each one of them come to the realization that Jesus is the Messiah, the one who forgive sins and who loved them despite their mistakes.

The Author decided to portrayed Mary of Bethany sister of Lazarus and Mary of Magdala as the same person.
I was a little surprised at the beginning I have never thought that they could be the same person but in the end I think that what matter is the message of Jesus, his forgiveness, the redemption of our sins and his love to all of us.

I really like this book and his message.

“God can make a way, even when it seems impossible. We’re not trapped by our circumstances. We’re really just in a prison of guilt and shame. And God can set us free from that.”

Here are some of the Bible passages behind the story: Luke 10: 38-42; John 8:2-11; John 11:1-46; Luke 17-11-19

“The path to wholeness often involves a great deal of pain. But remember the leaven. You don’t know how it makes the dough rise. It just does. Well, let me tell you the secret. The Father makes it work—just like he can take a lifeless seed and cause it to grow into a towering tree. In much the same way, the Father can take a seed of forgiveness, plant it in the heart, nurture it with faith, and cause a whole new person to be born. All you have to do is ask.