A Diamond in the Rough | FMT Advisory

Go tell the world
Your hour coming
Look at those scars
Vanishing as He dry your tears

Got tell the world
Your hour is coming
A diamond in the rough
Have been found.

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Broken heart

Summon your power, O God ; show us your strength, O God, as you ...

There is a broken heart waiting in the night

A precious life waiting to see your light

Every pieces scattered on the ground,
Is the result of past wounds

There is a broken heart waiting for promises

A dear child is waiting for Yes and Amen

Every pieces on the dust,
Waiting for justice

There is a broken heart calling out to heaven

A gentle soul crying out for love

Thirsty and hungry
Wandering and questioning herself

There is a broken heart
Who heard about true love

An awesome God
Who created the world

If your compassion and your power are real
Fill this broken vessel

Comfort her through your embrace
Bless her life…

May God heal your broken heart ♥ - Ally Donaldson - Let's Live ...
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Nevertheless she prayed by Barbour Staff

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This is a book of prayer for every circumstances, and every need, for wisdom, your familly, your church, to grow in your relationship with God, for those in need, for forgiveness, healing…
Prayer connects us to God, comfort us and build our faith.

There is really a prayer for everything and encourage you, if you don’t always know how to pray this is a good book to help you.

“Your reveal Your presence to me in things I see, hear, and touch, beckoning me to return from my wandering. How precious are the moments when I come back and surrender my empty efforts to You! As I leave my troubles at the foot of the cross, You enfold me with your love and give me peace.”

I received a copy of this book and this is an honest review.

The shoemaker’s Daughter by Iris Gower


Hari is a shoemaker, when both her parents died she had to survive
working hard with William a young apprentice who came to live with her.
She met Craig Grenfell when he escaped from prison and hide in her house and
help him prove his innocence.
Emily Grenfell is a rich girl whose life is going to take a turn when her father
died ruined and leave her with nothing.

Emily and Hari are both strong willed women, determined to succeed despite
the struggles they meet to build their business.

Their rivalry is going to drive them apart and they are going to take new paths.
For Emily it’s real change of mind, she is no longer the snob she use to be, she ‘s
more humble and compassionate.
Hari’s life seems more complicated, especially her relationship with the man she love, her
business, her marriage…

Their is a Lot of twist and turn in this story. The story is captivating and
well written but I didn’t always like Hari’s choices.

I received a copy of this book and this is an honest review.

Don’t keep silent by Elizabeth Goddard


Rae burke sister in law Zoe is missing, her brother ask her to investigate.
So Rae dedide to contact Liam McKade to help during the research he is a former
DEA agent…
During the investigation their going to unravel Zoe secret’s.
While Rae and Liam are investigating their relationship grow…

I could not finish this book, even if it was very interesting, I prefer historical novel.

I received a copy of this book through Netgalley and this is an honest review.

A life once dreamed by Rachel Fordham


“Life is not a cruel joke” Hannah’s soft voice was full of passion. There’s purpose to it. I believe it.”

We all have great hopes for our lives but things doesn’t happen like
we want sometimes.

Agnes has always been described as reserved and timid as a child. At eighteen
she leaves her city to become a teacher in Penance. Her life in Penance
transforms her into a bold woman, open and carrying about others.

When James Harris the man she should have married six years ago
arrives in Penance her life is turned upside down. She never told James the real reason for breaking their engagement… And he wants to know the truth.
James is the new doctor a kind and funny man, he comes from a wealthy familly but life in Penance is going to transform his way of thinking…

This story is well written, the author is very talented, it is the first
book of Rachel Fordham that I read. However I struggle with Agnes character
especially her reluctance to say the truth to James who seems to be the
perfect man for her. Even if the truth is hard to tell it is better to be honest.

In the end where we come from doesn’t really matter the most important
is what we become. When you are surrounded by good people they accept you as you are, they see you as God sees you and they can be an instrument to enter into this life God wants for you and the life you dream of.

“You’re only seeing what I am giving up. I see what I am gaining.”

I received a copy of this book through Netgalley and this is an honest review.


For the Greenest Yard, Leave the Leaves Behind - Consumer Reports

The wind blows the leaves on the ground
Tossed out and trampled
Sometimes life feels this way
I don’t know where I am going
Struggles everywhere
I am trying to survive
I feel crushed by the weight on my shoulders

But you said
My yoke is easy
Why Am I struggling?

If your hands are strong enough to reach everyone on earth
Come and touch me
Deep inside
Where the pain resides
Make me whole

As You said
You are the God of the impossible
Show me your power

If my heart is crying out
It’s because I long for more
I am waiting for You God

The wind blows through those leaves again
But they stay rooted in their branches
Safe and secured
Because when I cried out to You:
Help my unbelief
You rebuke the enemy
Faith and trust
An alliance for miracles

For you said
Everything is possible to those who believe
Blow my mind with your wonders
Open my eyes to your beauty

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Brave enough

Be brave enough to be bad at something new. - Jon Acuff | free ...

You’re brave enough to worship

You’re brave enough to walk in the unknown

You’re brave enough to open your mouth
And speak what is true

You are loved
You are not abandoned
Jesus shed his blood to give you life abundantly
And you worth it

You’re brave enough to sing his praises
You are a warrior
Your voice scatter the ennemy
He trembles at the sound of the name of Jesus

You are brave enough to step into your future
This dream burning inside of your chest
Nothing will stop your Maker to make it happened
For he knows you were made for more than just survive
You were made to thrive.

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The mountain by Elvi Rhodes


Jake Tempest meets Beth Seymour when he comes to Whernside to work at the construction of the railway lines.
Beth Seymour is married to William, but her relationship with her husband is more and more difficult, and abusive.
Jake tempest is drawn to Beth… She teaches him to read and start a school for the children in her town.
After a series of events they relationship strenghten and new opportunities come to them to start a new life.

The story is really captivating, there are a lot of things happening in this book… Jake Tempest’s life took a turn at Whernside.
Beth really do her best in her circumstances to deal with her husband change of mood…
She has a desire to teach others and could see the talent in her pupils, she is really gifted with children.
I really like her character she is kind, helpful and strong.

I received a copy of this book through Netgalley but this is an honest review.

Woman of courage: Florence Nightingale by Barbour Staff

Florence Nightingale (H Hering NPG x82368).jpg

“The Lady with the lamp”.

I didn’t know a lot about Florence Nightingale besides that she was a nurse, and I really wanted to know more about her story. This biography about her life, include some letters that she wrote and parts of her journal, it is not hard to read and it’s very interesting.
Florence was born on May 12, 1820 in a wealthy familly, she was the second and last child of the familly, she had an older sister Parthenope.
Florence felt that she was called by God to serve Him, her utmost desire was to be useful and help people around her.
Florence had to fight some opposition from her familly regarding the path she had chosen but opportunities came allowing her to have a training in an institution in Germany and then to work with wounded soldiers during the Crimean war.
I really like this book, and I like Florence heart’s for others, she stayed focus on the call that God has for her even if it took time the door eventually opened for her. She care about people and their wellfare, she was very humble. She died in 1910.

“Flo was only at peace now when she was helping the destitute in the nearby village.”

“But I say to you, go forward if you have a vocation for that way of life, act up to your inspiration, and you will find that there is never anything unbecoming or unladylike in doing your duty for the good of others.”

I received a copy of this book and this is an honest review.